Airfield Lighting

Recognized worldwide as a standard leader in the airport lighting industry, our low intensity runway/taxiway lighting 1000* series are available with three different types of mounting to suit your particular installation requirements. The 2000* series is designed to meet previous FAA L-860 specifications.

Our three medium intensity lighting systems are offered in both 117 volt multiple and 6.6 amp series configurations. Both the 7000** and 8000* series are manufactured to current FAA L-861 specifications. The 6000* series provides a low- cost alternative in the medium intensity system.

Other items available from Hughey & Phillips include our Manairco L-828 Constant Current Regulators**, PAPI, REIL approach lighting, Wind-Cones*, Receiver Controllers, Obstruction Lights*, Wire Markers, Guidance Signs, Beacon Towers, Light Bases, and more. For other items not currently on our website call or email us.

We also stock a full line of replacement parts for our equipment as well as many industry competitor units - all available from our factory. Orders are processed immediately and 97% are shipped within 24 hours.

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*  Manufactured by H&P/Manairco, Inc.
**Manufactured by H&P/Manairco, Inc. and Listed under current FAA Advisory Circular