L-828, L-829 Constant Current Regulators

Manairco, Max Power Constant Current Regulators for Airport Lighting 

(FAA L-828 and L-829 )

Designed and manufactured in accordance with FAA Advisory Circular AC 150/5345-10G. Regulator designs and performance evaluated by personnel with over 30 years of design and test experience. Regulators built by a company with over 50 years manufacturing experience in the airport and heliport lighting industry. 

  • Proven technology for airfield lighting
  • Reliable for long life with low life cycle cost
  • Exceeds FAA performance requirements
  • Durable for various electrical vault environments
  • Versatile for medium and/or high intensity lighting 
  • Self-protected from overloads and shorts of loads
  • Noise, emission free
  • Air cooled - no hazardous cooling materials
  • No harmful harmonics
  • No SCRs in series power circuits
  • Predictable - no complex electronics
  • Easily maintained
  • Control circuit for remote operation of #19 AWG 10,000 ft. round trip
  • Control circuits protected by circuit breakers, no spare fuses needed
  • Warranty for two years from date of shipment or one year from date of installation (first occurring)