Medium Intensity Airport/Heliport 7000 Series (L-861)

Medium Intensity Airport/Heliport Lighting 7000 Series (L-861)

  • FAA approved
  • 6.6 Amp
  • Taxiway Edge
  • Threshold Edge
  • Runway Edge



5", 16", or 22" powder coated pole with a frangible coupling and attached to either a 30" rust resistant, metal stake that is driven into the ground or a low profile pad mount (base mount).


Made of durable tempered glass, featuring magnifying prisms. All color combinations available.


7000 Series - fixture is available in either 6.6 amp Pre-focus or Bi-Pin Quartz

8000 Series - fixture is available in 120 volt, Pre-focus or Medium Screw Base (LED lamps available)